Fort Kochi owes its grace and old-world ambience to its heritage buildings and cosmopolitan lifestyle. At different times in its history, three European powers, the Portugues, Dutch, and the British had occupied the area for centuries. All of them left indelible marks on Fort Kochi’s geography and culture and made significant contributions to art and architecture. Here is an icecream seller, engaged deep in a dialogue with another person, in front of one such iconic building. This image was taken in the year 1990 by Indian photographer Abul Kalam Azad using medium format analogue camera. 

Icecream Seller, Fort Kochin 1990

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  • Abul Kalam Azad is an Indian visual artist and photographer based in Kerala. His works are largely personal explorations and documentation of experiences, and memories of his native land, people, and their culture. They deal with issues of identity, ethics, micro/macro history, and eroticism. His works have exhibited Nationally/Internationally in reputed museums and galleries. He has received Charles Wallace Award in the year 1996 and recognized by the French government through a scholarship grant. He is a recipient of grants from the Government of India and India Foundation for the Arts (IFA). He is the founder of Ekalokam Trust for Photography and Editor-in-chief of PhotoMail Online magazine.