These images were shot and hand printed on Palladium paper by French Photographer Thierry Cardon as part of Project 365 Tiruvannamalai, an initiative by EtP to create and preserve photographic visuals of the ancient Indian culture and contemporary life of ancient town Tiruvannamalai. Thierry Cardon is born in Zaire. He spent his teenage years in Morocco before studying in the Paris School of Fine Arts. He nowlives in Blois, where he devotes himself to his librarian job, his ar therapist's activities at a pscyhiatric hospital for children, and to photography. A dedicated printmaker and an educator, Thierry conducts workshops for young and aspiring photographers. He has published several photobooks and has exhibited in art galleries and other spaces in France.


He works with traditional techniques, has mastered different chemical printmaking processes, and admits to consciously taking a slow route towards the end results, comparing it to meditation. Thierry uses digital technology only minimally, stressing that knowledge of traidtional techniques is crucial to gainign flexibility and escaping the narro avenues offered by commercially popular methods and prints. The images he shot in Tiruvannamalai for Project 365 reflect the chance meetings he has in his time there and his own deeply contemplative walks around the Annamalai hill. Some of Thierry's limited edition Palladium and cyanatope prints, are handcolored. 

Around the Hill, Palladium Print, 15"x19", Thierry Cardon

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  • Limited Edition of 5 Prints

    The hand made, original prints are made on expensive Palladium prints. The size specified is paper size and the actual print size is smaller. The print(s) will be sent along with an authentication certificate.  The print(s) are not framed and will be sent in a stretched form.