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Five Ways to Add Mysticism to your Photography

Landscape photography is generally soothing in nature. Being mindful of few tactics can add an element of mysticism to landscape photography. Here are five such tips to ace the mystic look in your photography.

1. Mountain Magic

Mountains with their ruggedness and cloud or mist hugged peaks naturally lend a magical mysticism to your photographs. If you are lucky enough to catch the mountain bathed in full moonlight, that could turn out to be the most mystical moment for you. A sliver of the moon with a few stars was strewn around the peak can also work. If you had managed to catch the rising or setting moon’s pink alpenglow through a high ISO-camera sensor with a long exposure, then you would have nailed a mystic shot that’s not normally visible to our naked eyes.

2. Fog Focus

If you miss the moon above the mountain, see if you can catch the early morning fog. If you live in the plains where the majestic mountains are missing, a high-rise building where you can catch the fog on treetops or floating above a water body should be good enough for that mystic feel. Long exposure to the fog will give it a silky and smooth texture. A natural density filter should help with this effect as well.

3. Captivating Clouds

Even in a very barren urban landscape, if there is a panoramic view to capture the low-hanging clouds, your photos can turn out to be poetic. If you are planning to take up air travel, never miss capturing the fluffy clouds below you and also the blue-sky pockets. Since you will be shooting through the aircraft window glass, that may add to the depth of the sky shot as well as lending that air of mysticism.

4. Leading with Light

The golden hour and the blue hour photography work wondrously even for the most mundane of objects. With the right object or landscape, there can be no denying the aura of mysticism that the beautiful light, before and after dusk and dawn, can create. If you can add lens flares to your golden hour photographs, you would have mastered the art of creating mysticism purely with your lighting. Digital enhancement of some of your images with lightroom can up that mystic quotient in your photographs.

5. Baring Souls with Birds

For long birds in flight have symbolized freedom. Sufism has strong analogies of birds for free spirits or souls, Sufi saints, prophets, and so on. Capturing birds in flight both in the foreground (with the deep blue sea as the background) or in the background (with a towering sacred façade in the foreground) is a beautiful approach to add a flavor of mysticism to your photography.

So if you want to create a signature style of your own, yet experiment with various techniques across a variety of landscapes, mysticism maybe just the theme that you are looking for. Enjoy this collection of mystic photographs in our Project 365 Thiruvannamalai collection.

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