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Contemporary  Collection

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Every photograph has a value and captures a slice of history that contains several layers of information and memories. The photographic history of India is of the same age as that of photography itself. Immediately after its invention, the Britishers introduced this fascinating technique to India. Initially, it was believed that being photographed is equivalent to having one's soul stolen... and the word 'shoot' added to its slightly sinister air of mystery.


Nonetheless, within a century, this marvelous medium penetrated every layer of Indian culture & lifestyle. Today, photography has become as popular as that of music and poetry. India's spectacular beauty, diversity, and pluralistic lifestyles can be experienced, by looking through the maze of cherished images, produced by six generations of photographers

Contemporary Collection is a thoughtfully curated versatile collection of photographic artworks by photographers who have made a significant contribution to the field of photography, especially, Indian. These original, limited edition, exclusive photographs are culled out from different streams, genres, and styles, at an affordable price. The photographers in this collection have started practicing and exhibiting in galleries and museums since the 90s. They explored this vast land and its diversified landscape, much before the digital medium opened up the possibility for everyone to become a photographer. That way, the large and historical opuses of Contemporary Indian photographers are indeed invaluable cultural assets of our nation.