Artist's Pledge

We launched our premiere project Artist's Pledge during the Pandemic lockdown period to support photographers and photo-artists to sell their works. The entire proceeds from the sale went to the artists and in return, the artists pledged to buy a work of another photographer from the portal when their fifth work got sold. The initiative was announced in April and the portal was launched the same month. More than 200 works of 34 Indian photographers were presented at a special discounted price of Rs. 5000/-. A few leading photographers had joined the initiative in solidarity. More than 30 works and the ripple chain also continued. A few sold works are listed below. 

We are grateful to our collectors for buying from the portal and supporting the initiative. Artists Pledge is a tiny, limited period project, however, we were able to make difference during the peak lockdown period. The positive feedback from our buyers and the promising experience with photographers gave us the encouragement to continue with the portal. There are no dedicated portals for photography in India and that way, Jugaad Foto Bazaar is India's first. We have presented a few other collections Abul Kalam Azad Archive, Project 365 Grand sale 2021,  and Contemporary Collection. We will be bringing more to our collections in the coming months.


We request your continued cooperation. Thank you.  

Happy Buying !!

Photographic prints are an affordable art in the world. Jugaad Foto Bazaar, India's first dedicated portal for Contemporary Photography, brings the curated best at special discounted prices. We also provide custom made print sizes and help you design your space thematically. In India, we believe in making lasting connections. That's why we print our artworks only on archival papers using archival ink that can defy time and withstand up to 100 years in proper conditions. Usually, museums and art collectors prefer this paper. We also bring platinum bromides, cyanotypes, silver gelatin, and silver bromide prints. What more, these original, exclusive prints are limited editions, and only a few will be available in the whole world. If you like to read more about our collections, check out: Abul Kalam Azad Archive | 365 Tiruvannamalai Grand Sale 2021 | Contemporary Collection | Photo Art Merchandise

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