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Art takes us closer to ourselves;
We take art closer to you...

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Did you know that 3.5 trillion photos have been taken since Daguerre captured Boulevard du Temple, 179 years ago? Even as you are reading this, the number of clicks are soaring way beyond this astronomic figure! This calculation quoted here, was initially based on the films made and sold by the film companies. Presently, the number of images that are posted on social media platforms is used as one scale for measuring the number of photographs produced. However, this statistic can never be absolute, as many photographs never see the light of the world.  For example, only 20% of photos taken actually end up on Facebook. Even less – approximately one out of 1 lakh photographs, or 0.001% – are printed and preserved for posterity. 


Every photograph has a value and captures a slice of history that contains several layers of information and memories. That's how Photographs are actually future epigraphs, and concerted efforts are required to preserve these symbols of culture. Jugaad Foto Bazaar is India's first dedicated web-portal for photo-artists and photographers, initiated by Ekalokam Trust for Photography, a reputed non-profit foundation registered in India. In the coming days, we will be bringing out specially curated collections, limited edition photo-books, specially designed bespoke souvenirs, and products for daily use.


We launched our premiere project Artist's Pledge during the Pandemic times, to support photographers and photo-artists to sell their works through an online portal prior to which several months of research has gone into its conceptualization. 

It all starts with a ripple ~~~ 

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