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Curated Collection from Ekalokam Trust for Photography

Dear Friends,


Tiruvannamalai, one of the finest and exquisite destinations in South India, emanates magic and mysticism. The enticing and mesmerising beauty of the 33000 million years old Arunachala hill, its landscape and lifestyle reverberates an eternal magnetic pull that is hard to resist.

We are proud to host this unparalleled curated set of images shot by a group of fabulous photographers in Tiruvannamalai between 2014 and 2015. Proceeds from this sale will go to Ekalokam Trust for Photography, a registered non-profit foundation dedicated to creating, sharing and promoting contemporary photographic visuals of ancient Tamilakam and connected maritime cultures across the 2000 year old silk, spice, and incense routes.


All these original, exclusive, authentic, photographic visuals were created as part of Project 365 Tiruvannamalai public photo-art project initiated by EtP and brought to you at a special 30% discount price. In India, we believe in making lasting connections. That's why we print our artworks only on Hahnemühle Acid-Free papers. Hahnemühle papers are archival and extremely resistant to aging. When printed using UV resistant inks, which is what we use, these art prints can defy time and withstand up to 100 years in proper conditions. What more, these prints are limited editions, and only a few will be available in the whole world. Order yours today !!

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Finest Collection

Every photograph has a value and captures a slice of history that contains several layers of information and memories. The photographic history of India is of the same age as that of photography itself. Immediately after its invention, the Britishers introduced this fascinating technique to India. Initially, it was believed that being photographed is equivalent to having one's soul stolen... and the word 'shoot' added to its slightly sinister air of mystery.


Nonetheless, within a century, this marvelous medium penetrated every layer of Indian culture & lifestyle. Today, photography has become as popular as that of music and poetry. India's spectacular beauty, diversity, and pluralistic lifestyles can be experienced, by looking through the maze of cherished images, produced by six generations of photographers

This specially curated collection brings to you the works of contemporary photographers who have made a significant contribution to the field of Indian photography. These original, limited edition, exclusive photographs are culled out from different streams, genres, and styles, at an affordable price. The photographers in this collection have started practicing and exhibiting in galleries and museums since the 90s. They explored this vast land and its diversified landscape, much before the digital medium opened up the possibility for everyone to become a photographer. That way, the large and historical opuses of Contemporary Indian photographers are indeed invaluable cultural assets of our nation.  

Art in Everyday Life

Ever wondered how beautifully crafted replicas of artworks offer an intimate experience of pride and ownership. We direct our imagination and creativity to transform famous contemporary photographic imageries into innovative

every-day merchandise. Metamorphosis... a transcendental process that makes art affordable and accessible. Our premiere product is Miniature Photo Notebook. Stay tuned for more products. We will also bring you Single and Limited Photo Books. 





Artists Pledge

Special Sale

© Leo James 2019

Dear Friends,

The pandemic has toppled over the world and has led to multiple direct and indirect effects on people and their livelihoods. The world of art and culture is no exception. Even in normal circumstances, artists always subsisted on a limited support structure and the pandemic has further alienated and marginalized them. In these unprecedented times, the world of Arts and Culture is reinventing itself by responding with innovative strategies.


Artists Pledge is one such initiative dedicated to enabling photographers and

photo-artists to sell their works online. The thoughtfully curated, high quality works from this collection are brought to you at a very special price for a limited period. Proceeds from the entire sales go to the photographers. In return, the Artists pledge to acquire one work of another photographer, when their fifth work is bought. All prints are priced at Rs.5000/- + Transaction Fee


We are grateful to the well-known Indian photographers, for their solidarity in joining us to inspire and support this highly creative initiative. 


It all starts with a ripple

Jugaad Foto Bazaar is India's first dedicated web-portal for photo-artists and photographers.

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Initiated by

Ekalokam Trust for Photography 


© Jugaad Foto Bazaar 2020 

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